Our Commitment
Our Commitment

Educating Our Employees, Community and Consumers

Burt's Bees Commitment to Educating Employees, Communities and ConsumersWe believe that the more of us who get involved in environmental and sustainability initiatives, the better it is for everyone. So we’re always looking for ways to educate ourselves and others on the importance of being environmentally conscious both inside our walls and in the world around us.


Several years ago, a group of Burt’s Bees employees came together with a common goal of making a difference in our company’s efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. They named themselves the Environmentally Conscious Organisation Bringing Ecologically Empowered Solutions, a lofty name with a great acronym - ECOBEES. While the name may not have rolled off the tongue, their passion for positive change spoke volumes. The ECOBEES exist to pioneer and inspire the way we think and act as a business by focusing on innovative alternatives for living and working in harmony with our environment.

Planet Earth Celebration

Burt's Bees Sponsors Planet Earth CelebrationWe funded, produced and volunteered at a local event near our headquarters in the United States designed to bring together organisations and individuals dedicated to creating sustainable innovations. Learn more.

Colony Collapse Disorder

Burt's Bees Commitment to Colony Collapse DisorderOur work to fund research and spread awareness about Colony Collapse Disorder has brought our message to movie theaters, Congress and the public. Learn more.

Have You Read Your Labels Lately?

We believe that what's not in our products is as important as what is. Read a few tips on what to look for.