Our Commitment
Our Commitment

Employee Care

Caring for Employees, Preserving Our Culture

Burt's Bees Caring for Employees, Preserving Our CultureOur cultural vision can be described in two simple words: We Care.

See how this vision has become a daily commitment across our organisation by reading more in Our Culture.

Ongoing Employee Engagement

We want to ensure that all our employees have the information and inspiration they need to act in ways that are environmentally and socially responsible, both at work and at home. And we’re continually looking for ways to get them involved.

  • A dedicated team of Burt’s Bees employees host an ongoing series of environmental educational sessions, focusing on everything from waste reduction to municipal commuter planning programs
  • A monthly in-house ECO-Web Newsletter is published to broadcast useful environmental websites that can keep our employees up to date
  • “Lunch and Learn” sessions engage employees on such topics as energy offsets and carpooling

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