Acting Locally, Naturally

We believe that in order to make the world a nicer place to live, we need to start at home. That's why we support, and are actively involved in, several community initiatives in our hometown of Durham, North Carolina and right here in Australia. These projects range from social responsibility and sustainability to overall well-being and the list is growing.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity Australia is our latest partner in Australia. As with their counterparts in the United States, being part of "a hand up, not a hand out" is a very special, happy feeling for everyone involved with Burt's Bees Australia. It's a very Australian sentiment too, and in these tough times, we're looking forward to thinking up new ways to help Habitat for Humanity Australia spread the joy this year.

Because of the lack of affordable housing in Australia it's getting harder and harder for low and moderate income families to realise the great Australian dream of owning their own home. Habitat for Humanity Australia wants to change that. The charity helps break the cycle by helping Australians own their own homes through a subsidised purchasing program. So far in Australia, over 100 homes have been built and there are another 40 in the pipeline around the country.

This is a charity where volunteers and partnering organisations actually donate their support in the form of muscle power and time. Some volunteers involved have already taken part in Habitat for Humanity building projects overseas and are keen to get together with likeminded supporters back home in Australia. The charity mixes skilled and unskilled tasks according to available volunteers so there's work for everyone and always something new to learn.

That meant Burt's Bees Australia General Manager Emma Atkinson and the Burt's Bees team from all over Australia gathered together on a muddy morning in July to do their bit helping to build a new home in a northern Adelaide suburb. Given Burt's Bees commitment to sustainability, it was fitting that their team focus was on insulating the new house which will increase its energy efficiency and long term liveability for its new owners. (It also kept them away from the power tools, but that's another story.)

There's nothing quite like getting your hands dirty and giving directly of your time and effort to a cause like this.

Habitat for Humanity Australia's Jo Brennan says people often feel as though challenges such as this are just too big for one person to be able to make any real difference. "But being involved in a house build, and doing the actual work, gives people a rare chance to see what a difference each of us can make. It's empowering for everybody involved as well as directly helping a family move forward."

View Today Tonight’s story on a Habitat for Humanity building weekend here:



Liptember Burt’s Bees is a founding partner of Liptember. Liptember aims to raise awareness of gender specific mental health issues for women. Burt’s Bees lip products have been the official “lippy” of Liptember for two years running– Supporting a good cause has never looked so good!

Liptember have formed an important partnership with health beneficiaries the CENTRE FOR WOMEN’S MENTAL HEALTH, who provide national research and programs for gender specific mental health issues for women and LIFELINE AUSTRALIA, a 24 hour crisis support service connecting Australians with trained volunteers who can provide emotional support to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The Liptember concept and strategy provides a gateway for much needed research on the lifestyle choices and health issues of Australian Women.


Orana – Building Lives Boosting Business

Orana – Building Lives Boosting Business Burt’s Bees Australia is pleased to be able to support Orana by utilising their services, currently we are able to outsource work to them in the construction of some of our packaging requirements and they are also able to construct some of our sustainable merchandising materials.

For over 50 years Orana has been providing people with disabilities the opportunity to live and work within their local community, develop their personal skills, fulfil their dreams and become valued and productive community members.

Providing employment to people with disabilities is possible because Orana’s commercial customers send them work. Growth and success in these businesses translates into more employment opportunities and therefore better lives for Orana’s people, which is why Orana is about building lives for people and boosting business for their customers.


Afford - Australian Foundation for Disability

Afford Burt’s Bees Australia is pleased to be able to support AFFORD (Australian Foundation for Disability) by utilising their services, currently we are able to outsource work to them in the construction of some of our packaging requirements and they are also able to construct some of our sustainable merchandising materials.

The Australian Foundation for Disability (AFFORD) is a not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to helping people with disability. Their person-centred approach, in partnership with families and carers, enables over 1,500 people to lead richer, more rewarding lives. They provide community participation programs, skills development, transition to work training, supported and open employment, respite and accommodation for people with disabilities.

Getting Involved in Our Community

We believe that it is important to be active where we live, work and play. It's part of living The Greater Good.

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