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Questions About Our Ingredients

How can I find out what ingredients are in my product?

Each individual product page on this website offers in-depth information about particular products, including an ingredients list. If you have the product handy, our packaging lists all ingredients according to INCI (International Nomenclature for Cosmetics Ingredients) conventions. According to these conventions, we list scientific names and individual components of a blended ingredient or extract, and include parenthetical references to the common name too, so you have visibility to the ingredients in our formulas.

You can also check out our Ingredients Guide ) to learn more about some of our key ingredients, including the benefits they provide and where they are cultivated. Visit the Ingredients Glossaryto see an explanation of each ingredient we use.


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Are your fragrances natural?

The majority of fragrances in Burt's Bees products are natural, composed of proprietary blends of essential oils and natural extracts. Some of our heritage and other products contain partially synthetic fragrances. Please call 1800 813 661 if you have an inquiry about a specific product.

We also list a percentage natural for every product we make. We stand behind our ingredients and our products.

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I’ve read that there is lead in lipsticks. Are your lip colour products safe?

Burt’s Bees natural lip colour products are composed of botanical oils, waxes, butters, extracts, and essential oils. To impart a variety of shades and effects, we use primarily mineral-based pigments. The mineral-based pigments used in our lip colour products are in compliance with global regulatory guidance and legal limits. We adhere to the most rigorous standards set forth by global regulatory bodies. We continue to closely monitor emerging studies and evolving safety standards set forth by the scientific and regulatory communities to ensure the quality and efficacy of our products.

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Do your products contain alcohol?

ASome Burt’s Bees products do contain alcohol, and we use natural (found naturally in plants) or naturally-derived (derived from natural components, but made through a process of fermentation) alcohols. Alcohols serve a variety of functions within our formulas, including as a stabilizer, surfactant, preservative and/or opacifier (a substance which makes the formula opaque). Please reach out to us if you have a question on a particular product.

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What is the origin of your glycerin?

The glycerin used in our products is of vegetable origin.

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Do your products contain artificial colours?

We use only natural colours in our personal care products and cosmetics. Some examples are beta-carotene, chlorophyll, titanium dioxide, mica, iron oxides and carmine. These natural colorus have a long history of safe usage unlike many artificial colours that have been banned by the FDA over the years.

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Why do you use carmine as colouring in your products?

We use carmine in some Burt’s Bees lip products because it is a natural alternative to synthetic colourants, which can be derived from non-renewable fossil fuels. Carmine is a natural extract that has been used since Ancient Egyptian times for its red pigment. It provides the best possible red pigment naturally and is used industry-wide in food and cosmetics. We are always exploring new pigments with suppliers, but we have not found any that mimic the hue/shade of carmine or that are able to remain stable in an anhydrous (waterless) formula. Our lip colour products are made of natural oils, waxes and butters, so pigments need to be oil-soluble. For example, vegetable-based pigments like beet juice are water soluble. There are developments being made in the processing of these pigments so they can work well in formulas and we are following them closely. Also, current global regulations do not uniformly recognize vegetable-based pigments as an acceptable cosmetic colourant. Regulatory consideration of these pigments will likely follow sufficient progress in their development for use in cosmetics.

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Is comfrey a safe ingredient in skin care products?

Burt’s Bees products are created with high-quality ingredients derived from nature, and all of our products are rigorously tested for safety. Comfrey (Symphytim Officinale) Extract has long been used in the cosmetic industry as an effective topical soothing agent. Comfrey is widely considered an acceptable and effective ingredient for topical applications by various international government and regulatory agencies, including the European commission, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency in the UK and the Therapeutic Goods Authority in Australia.

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I'm having other issues and need to speak with someone. Who can I call?

If you still have questions about our products or our ingredients please call 1800 813 661.

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