Baby Care Tips

Being a mom is one of most rewarding jobs, but it's also one of the toughest. Especially if you're a first time parent. We know it can be very overwhelming at first, so we've partnered with Healthy Child Healthy World to share some
of their quick baby care tips. Perfect to add to any parenthood arsenal.

  • Keep it natural.  
  • 15 ingredients to avoid.  
  • Say no to talc powder.  

  • Use gentle detergents.  
  • Limit baths.  
  • Try time without a nappy.  
  • Use beeswax.  
  • Use washcloth & water.   
  • Limit sun time.   
  • Use a PABA-free sunscreen.  
  • Avoid SPFs higher than 50.   
  • Avoid misting sunscreens.  
  • A whitish hue is good.