HCHW Partnership

Burt's Bees® has partnered up with Healthy Child Healthy World, a California non-profit public benefit corporation with a mission to empower parents to take action and protect their children from harmful chemicals. By working with manufacturers and supporting policy initiatives, Healthy Child Healthy World provides access to critical information that encourages smarter lifestyle choices that reduce chemical exposure in homes and communities. Healthy Child Healthy World's vision is a world where every child has the opportunity to grow up in a healthy and safe environment. Our products met their rigorous quality standards and earned a spot in the organisation's "Shop Healthy" program.

Together, Healthy Child Healthy World and Burt's Bees® will help educate and motivate parents to protect their children by adopting healthier habits and choosing products that meet their quality standards, such as those from Baby Bee®.

According to Healthy Child Healthy World CEO Gigi Lee Chang: "Burt's Bees has worked hard to listen to the concerns of Healthy Child Healthy World and moms nationwide to develop a vast collection of products that practice a 'better safe than sorry' approach. We are so proud to work with Burt's Bees, an innovator and leader in natural baby care products, to offer families quality skincare products that are easily accessible and affordable."